MMC Experience

The MMC Experience provides professional shops with services in visual displays and promotional plans. 
The displaying of apparel in an orderly, understandable, easy to shop, and engaging way to promote sell through of product. Medeiros Merch Co. ensures that the displays support the course image as well as the merchandise. MMC is constantly looking for innovative ways to display product, and encourage members and guest to check out what's new.
In order to optimize the time spent at your club, upon arrival items should be ready for merchandising. This includes ticketed, priced, and steamed apparel, as well as a location determined for the collection. Medeiros Merch Co. is happy to assist with any merchandising prep. 
The creation of a promotional plan for the duration of the season. This will include social media usage, emails, and traditional signage. Medeiros Merch Co. will plan all your promotions throughout the season and leave a plan that your employees can execute weekly. MMC will check in with employees to ensure that promotions have been implemented and are effective. Changes can be made throughout the contracted period to better suit the needs of the members and the club.
All pricing will be determined after consultation.