Medeiros Merch Co.

Medeiros Merch Co.

    MMC has taken the traditional role of a golf industry merchandiser and altered it to help increase overall sales, and spread the costs of labour for this position. By eliminating the golf operations aspect of the position and focusing solely on merchandising tasks, MMC strives to meet the merchandising needs of private clubs. Contracted in to each participating golf shop, Medeiros Merch Co. will work exclusively on merchandising essentials.

    Medeiros Merch Co. promotes sales through proper placement of product by style, price point and sell through ability. The location and size of certain collections dictate importance, and create different impacts on members. By incorporating cross merchandising into the displays, Medeiros Merch Co. aims to encourage higher itemized transaction with gloves, belts, balls, hats, shoes, etc. Medeiros Merch Co. works to enhance displays in an original yet shop-able manner, encouraging members to ‘check out what’s new’ by creating interest through innovative, and creative displays.

Our Clients

Aly Medeiros
Owner, Merchandiser

    Aly is a young, energetic professional with a passion for retail. Over the past ten years, she has been emerged in the golf industry with experience in tournament play, retail and merchandising.


   She competed as a junior and collegiate athlete earning the Rookie of the Year Award for Women’s Golf and the Varsity Captain Designation from 2016 to 2018. In 2017, Aly joined the team at Deer Ridge Golf Club where she worked under the mentorship of Rich Morel and Robert Moore. Together, they achieved two AGM Top 100 Awards, recognizing the top 100 professional shop across the globe. Over her time at Deer Ridge, Aly worked on the development of buy plans and financial reports, built relationships with vendors and other industry representatives, and took the lead on visual merchandising. Her most recent experience is at Oakdale Golf and Country Club as the Professional Shop and Retail Manager.


   With a background in business and a degree in Economics from Wilfrid Laurier University, Aly understands how the industry operates and profits.